Wrap, Drive, Earn: Turn Your Daily Commute into Passive Income

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How It Works

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Download the Advioo App

To sign up, simply download and install the Advioo app on your smartphone. Provide some details about yourself, your vehicle, and your driving habits to begin.

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Wrap and Earn

After joining the eligible campaign, our installer partners will reach out to you to arrange a wrap installation appointment. Once the wrap is installed, you can start earning.

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Earn and Repeat

After the campaign ends, set up an appointment with the initial installer for free sticker removal or
remove it yourself. Upon removal, you can enroll in another campaign.

Get Paid for Your Daily Driving

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The Advioo app monitors your daily driving and earnings.
Receive monthly payments directly through direct deposit.
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Time to take to the streets

Start making more money as you drive

With Advioo, you can boost your income effortlessly without altering your habits. Begin increasing your earnings every day by simply downloading our app and enrolling in your first campaign.

Download the App to Get Started!
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